"when I was 15th I started to ink myself with classic sawing needle and china ink. I still have those tiny things among others done by time with a proper gun, I covered my left arm and legs using my skin as sort of notebook. I think I was (and I still am) more attracted by the idea and the power of the tattoo as a permanent thing, treated like scribbles, rather than the progressive decoration of my body. Once I trained enough I decide to create Writing on Water, ongoing project as a nomadic studio parlor, where I provide to tattoo people under certain circumstances and context, such exhibitions, events etcetera. Writing on Water displays what´s means to me this simple but dense experience with tattoos, is a place where sharing thoughts , pain, trust, desires and all the feelings people gets once they decide to get inked, and allows myself to get closer to them, it follow a natural, ancestral path up to a next level of relationship and social boundaries.

Thanks so far to all those who gave me trust and square centimeters of their skin. "