Upcoming project

Proposal for a Continous Cinema Room, Victoria Square Project, 2018.

Some years ago i bumped in this interesting project by Alvar Aalto that he never manage to build, therefore lays on paper since 1928, the Soumeni Biografi Cinema. Maybe it is the first one that marks somehow the gap between his Modernism, and the beginning of Organics Architecture, which on the contrary of rationalism and functionalism founded principles to connect human being to nature through the forms of design and buildings.. The project is quite unknown, myself I struggled to find again plans and sections, until I´ve got from the Alvar Aalto Foundation in Helsinki the original drawings via scan.

The reason why I insisted on this project its because I´ m interested in forms and values that stands in between things, and the drawings of this building has this peculiar historical and formal content. Only recently, among other projects I start to think about using this archive material turning the signs on paper by the Master into a sort of installation/room inspired by it, therefore my proposal is to build a room about 20 sqm whose function is a continuos free cinema, thus screening film and artists videos in loop for the duration of 72 hours. The installation will be realized with almost zero costs, my intention is to collect construction sites wastes and leftovers of abandoned places around the city. During the period of residence my tasks will comprhend gather the material, work on the archive and collect the films from artists which are not displayed in galleries or others forms of distribution, in collaboration with my partner, Clementine Roy, visual artist and film director, and provide a selection of films quite unknow, with peculiar attention on political and social contents.

The 72 h screening will be displayed with a full programm with dates and time.

The result will be a space in between two different stages, through the « work in progress » aesthetic of the installation, and the choice of film so to have a glimpse about subculture and resistant material against capitalism.

According with the policy of the residence, the room could be build indoor or outdoor, and will be safe and comfortable enough to contain around 15/20 people maximum.