Solo show, Hochparterre Studio Salon Berlin, 2017

This show is the result of a production of objects upon the reflection of
the in between conditions life-death.
I always asked myself what´s going on during the 30 seconds before a
human head is chopped away. Afer the invention of the guillottine,
medicine starts to experiments and monitoring datas on rats, or others
animals, but human brain is indeed different, therefore we still don´t
have any answer. Te apparate of work aim to explore this moment,
there´s free associations with dreamlike visions,fgures of speech,
memories treated as visual diaries, and a wood guillottine which is at
the same time a loom that doesn´t produce any fabric. Sort of stream of
counsciousness text introduce the spectator to the room, where the
person write down sentences experiencing a panic attack, the most
common state of mind that describe this in between condition.